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About the Puli breed

You can read about the breed standards at the American Kennel Club website.

There is great information at the Puli Club of America website.

Here is a very appealing fact about the pulik (it's the Hungarian plural for puli):
"When the Puli arrived on the soil of the United States, he immediately went to the USDA Beltsville, MD. facility, where it was anticipated he would be able to improve the abilities of sheep dogs in this country. Where "dogs" such as other herding breeds, scored in the range of 12 to 14 on the tests given by researchers there, Pulik scored, on the average, between 75 and 85".

We would like to share our experience as well.

If you would like a dog that you don't have to run after, and constantly call, you might find it interesting that the puli is always beside its owner. Their herding style is that they run around the herd, making sure all the sheep are where they supposed to be, then just as fast they run back to the sheperd, and stay by his side.

Our puli does just the same. Sometimes she runs around the house, but then quickly gets back to us. If one of us is not in the room, she keeps going back and forth to make sure everybody is ok..